PURE mixed media

Charlotte Road   |   Group Exhibition   |   27.03.08 - 12.04.08

The Wheel of Misfortune (detail)
Shona Davis & David Monoghan, 2007
Mixed Media
201 x 152 x 30 cm
Tears of a Peacock
Vicky Scott, 2008
100 x 80 cm
OUTSIDE (Installation view)
Sergio Cruz, 2007
DVD: 20 minute loop
Edition of 6
The Wheel of Misfortune (Installation view)
Shona Davis & David Monaghan, 2007
Mixed Media
201 x 152 x 30 cm
Haute Beliefs (Installation view)
Antonio Gianasi, 2007
Mixed media assemblage
Dimensions variable
Various works (Installation view)
Meiso Li, 2008
Mixed media
Dimensions variable
Through the trees
Jane Ward, 2007
Mixed Media
90 x 65 cm
Avis Wu, 2007
Acrylic on board
24 x 30 cm
Antonio Gianasi, 2007
Glitter, ink-jet, pen and ribbon on magazine paper
43.5 x 33.5 cm

FERREIRA PROJECTS would like to announce PURE_mixed media, the final exhibition in the PURE series in which participating artists; Sergio Cruz, Shona Davies & David Monaghan, Antonio Gianasi, Meiso Lai, Vicky Scott, Jane Ward, and Avis Wu have explored how the collage of materials and media can be utilised to distort and shape reality.

The artists each possess there own approach to mixed media, working with paper and found objects, with Photoshop or film editing software, in three dimensions or in two. Here the artists play with the intrinsic properties that mixed media presents, confusion of scale, ambiguity, fragmentation, and consumerist excess, to present their own contorted perspectives and imagined worlds.

PURE_mixed-media is a fitting end to the PURE_series, being a paradoxical contradiction of its own terms. Collages and mixed media are however, more representative of the contemporary world, where everything is interrelated, dissected, spliced, edited, reformed and hybridised and nothing is distinct or ‘pure’.